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What is Beauty by Lizzie!

  The sky is gray, overcast, cloudy. We generally don't say "It's a beautiful day!" The day is clear, blue. "What a beautiful day!" we say. It's a different view of the same sky. It's the same with people. We are the same people inside, whether we're feeling cloudy, stormy, or sunny. Sometimes we may feel like the sky after a storm: we've been cloudy and had a good rain, but there's a hint of sunshine peeking through, and if we're lucky, a rainbow.

Fallen Beauties by Lizzie

Maple flowers Fallen from the tree Perhaps you notice them But did you see their beauty? “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” ―  Confucious

End of DST in Europe 2020

 Check this website to know the Daylight Saving Changes. When Do Clocks Change in Europe? Clocks in most European countries are turned back by 1 hour on  October 25, 2020 at 01:00  UTC . Since  Europe  spans several time zones, the switch occurs at different local times (see table below). DST in Europe  starts again  on Sunday, March 28, 2021. As always, the US will end DST a week after Europe, on  November 1, 2020 . Europe clock change in detail EU Wants to Remove DST Permanently In 2019, the  European Parliament voted in favor  of removing  Daylight Saving Time  (DST) permanently. It will be up to each Member State to decide whether to remain permanently on  “summer time”  (DST) or to change their clocks back one final time to permanent  standard time , also known as  “winter time.” DST Removal Not Likely in 2021 The likelihood of the EU abolishing DST in 2021 is very slim. Europe, like the rest of the world, has been bus

"Do a Good Deed" Pottery

The weather was REALLY nice last weekend and I cleaned out my garage. I have a collection of pottery that I've made over the years, and without a regular sales outlet, pottery sales have been extremely slow. Wanting to store less stuff, I chose 10 somewhat humble and mismatched pieces of pottery for my impromptu "Do a Good Deed Pottery" project. The project was a resounding success. My posting looked something like this: "FREE - Do a Good Deed Pottery Okay, so it more like a trade. I have selected 10 pieces of handmade pottery that would like to give away for free. In exchange, you agree to do a good deed. Be creative: Pick up a piece of litter, donate some food, say something kind to someone else, call a long-lost friend, volunteer, send a positive message out into the world. That's it. Pretty simple." Within 24 hours of creating an online posting saying "FREE - Do a Good Deed Pottery" all 10 pieces have been claimed. Not only did people happily